Healthy Weight Loss Alert - Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain

Have you been using "diet" products with artificial sweeteners to help you with healthy weight loss?

After you hear the results of the latest studies, you might think twice before opting for that diet soda. Recent research has shown that using no-calorie sweeteners might actually be making it harder for you to drop those pounds and fight off extra hunger pangs.

The research was performed by a team of psychologists from the Ingestive Behavior Research Center at Purdue University. It compared rats who were given glucose-sweetened yogurt (glucose is a simple sugar) with rats who ate yogurt that contained a zero-calorie sweetener instead. The rats that ate the zero-calorie sweetener yogurt ate far more later on than the rats who had the glucose yogurt. As a result, they gained more weight and fat.

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When the sweet flavor and the actual intake of calories are separated, your body isn't as able to gauge how hungry it really is, according to the authors of the study, Susan Swithers, PhD, and Terry Davidson, PhD. For that reason, healthy weight loss simply can't happen by using zero-calorie sweeteners to substitute what you'd normally eat.

Artificial sweeteners don't cut it

Changing how much you should eat is a result of experience over time. It requires a lifestyle change, not supplementing the same foods with artificial alternatives.This study helps to explain why the rate of obesity has risen at the same rate as the use of artificial sweeteners. Swithers also said that there is no proof that using artificial sweeteners have ever helped people manage their body mass. Instead, past studies have shown that these artificial sweeteners have had little-to-no positive effect overall.

Testing, testing, 1-2-3...

To look further into this, three experiments were performed to see if the ability for lab animals to regulate how much they eat is impacted by the use of artificial sweeteners. These experiments looked at compensation by cutting back, weight gain, and caloric intake.

The result that when no-calorie sweeteners are used, there is more weight-gain and fat storage than there is with "natural" sweeteners was overwhelmingly clear.

For this reason, the authors of the study feel that using or recommending no-calorie, or even low-calorie sweeteners actually results in the opposite of what we'd assume from the fact that they offer a calorie-reduced diet.

The evidence from across the Western world that shows that people who drink diet sodas are at a greater risk for metabolic syndrome and obesity supports the results of this study even further. Metabolic syndrome is made up of many different health issues such as high blood pressure, abdominal fat, and insulin resistance. Metabolic syndrome makes people more prone to diabetes and various forms of heart disease.

Why do you gain weight when you're choosing low-cal?

Artificial sweeteners confuse the system, working against healthy weight loss. Your body is designed to expect a calorie boost when it tastes something sweet. When that doesn't happen, it makes you crave more food so that your body will get the calories it now wants.

Instead of eating less, artificial sweeteners make you want to eat more. This doesn't help you to cut calories at all.

The scientists recommend that if you want to take calories out of your diet, you'll need to become more conscious of what you're eating and make choices more conducive to healthy weight loss, instead of trying to eat the same amount but with artificially sweetened alternatives.

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