Healthy Weight Loss - Secrets the Soda Industry Won't Tell You About Artificial Sweeteners

Are you really interested in losing weight? Before getting too far, you need to understand that healthy weight loss means getting rid of the diet soda and drinking something else. It has been found by research that the use of artificial sweeteners so prevalent in diet soda may be a detriment to losing weight and staying healthy.

Researchers at Purdue University studied rats and found that those which ate yoghurt sweetened with regular glucose ate fewer calories than those rats eating yoghurt artificially sweetened by sweeteners. They also put on more weight and couldn't get it off after the study was over.

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Researchers determined that, instead of promoting healthy weight loss, artificial sweeteners like saccharin actually changes the way the body regulates food intake . This trouble with self-regulation of intake of calories sweetened artificially might explain why the American public has gotten heavier in spite of the use of zero-calorie sweeteners.

Overall, science is on the fence about the effect of these types of sweeteners with other studies supporting weight loss in those who consumed artificial sweeteners. Even other studies have shown no appreciable change in eating behavior and the use of such sweeteners. What's true is that most studies don't take adequate accounting of what the individual has been eating or drinking prior to the study which might impact the outcome of the study.

To study healthy weight loss, three separate experimental studies were obtained that looked at saccharin and its ability to alter the intake of the laboratory animals and paid attention to the weight gain, caloric intake at the time and whether or not the animal cut back as a means of compensating for the intake of the various sweeteners.

Interestingly, the study also determined the body temperature of the animals before eating. It should be higher as the body prepares its metabolic rate to consume the food. It was found that when saccharin was used, there was a diminished or blunted response to core body temperature when the rats were trained to eat saccharin. This makes it more difficult to burn off caloric content eaten.

Those who studied the effects of saccharin on healthy weight loss recognize that the study results don't make sense in the traditional way of seeing things. They also recognize that the studies were mostly done on lab rats. Yet, there is evidence to suggest that humans who drink diet drinks develop more obesity and come down with metabolic syndrome at a higher rate than those who do not drink diet sodas.

Experts suggest that the system gets confused by the belief that sugar will be taken in along with a lot of calories an cannot process the calories well when there is no real sugar associated with the calories. It may result in a reduced expenditure of bodily energy.

Fortunately, people can continue to watch caloric intake and still maintain or lose body weight. While it's true that counting calories is harder than just drinking diet soda, it is the only real way of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight loss. Other sweeteners, such as sucralose, acesulfame K and aspartame haven't been as well studied but it is expected that the results would be much the same.

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