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With most people becoming increasingly aware of the simple fact that small lifestyle changes can make a big difference in the way they approach and deal with life, including how shedding some of the excess baggage can help enhance their lives, there is a healthy growth in the number of consumers of natural weight loss products today.

This is also because prescription drugs for weight loss have been found to cause undesirable side effects besides being expensive on the pocket in the long-run and also because of the variety offered to the discerning consumer today as far as affordable and natural weight loss inducing products are concerned.

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Meal in a Mug options for weight loss: diet drinks

While skipping meals and dividing regular intake of food into smaller, more frequent meals through the day were popular approaches to weight loss measures that worked for some people, those keen on quicker weight loss methods are increasingly taking to 'meal in a mug' options e.g. diet drinks!

Diet drinks are supplements that are taken as meal substitutes by many health conscious patrons today who only need to mix the powder/pills or granules into a beverage form at a fixed time of the day for realizing its full effect. These diet drinks induce a feeling of 'being full' soon after the person has consumed them, but there is also a downside to them.

Downside of Diet Drinks:

Diet drinks help a person to lose weight quickly as they offer meal-substitution through their regular intake and thus help a person cut-down on hundreds of calories and the energy that would otherwise have gone into meal planning and preparation. However, the downside to diet drinks is that when a person stops taking the drinks, they regain much of the lost weight in a short period of time as their stomach walls that had contracted and gotten accustomed to the regular 'full' feeling with just a meal in a mug option, starts missing the 'full' feeling as emptiness sets in the stomach. 

Another disadvantage of using diet drinks as a weight loss product is that these can't be used on a long-term basis as many of these are non-prescription based medicines and most contain phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride (an ingredient known to raise blood pressure and palpitation rates) and some like Ephedra induce still more serious side effects like heart problems, seizures, strokes or even death.

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