Yes Rapid Weight Loss Works - For a While Anyway - How to Avoid the Scams

With so many rapid weight loss programs available, it's not surprising that the creators of them are rich beyond mention. In the long run, we know that these diets don't work. Why, then are their makers so rich and so many people still fat?

Honestly, many of these weight loss schemes DO work. For a little while anyway. An overweight person, desperate to lose weight fast - before a wedding or a summer vacation, - will join up, purchase or otherwise get their hands on a pill, program or other scheme and within a week or two have lost a significant amount of weight. They are ecstatic and immensely pleased, and of course pass this information on to their family and friends who also jump on the bandwagon!

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Unfortunately, after several weeks or months, their weight loss is a thing of the past and, in most cases, the dieter is faced not only with having gained all of the weight back, but additional weight as well!

Our bodies have VERY specific needs in order to function properly. These needs include, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. When you start "messing" with any of these bodily requirements, you're asking for future trouble and possible serious health problems. Reducing fat to a point below your bodies daily requirement WILL result in a short term and rapid weight loss, however, before long your body will rebel and all your results will be lost.

Avoiding these mistakes is the primary goal of most online weight loss membership forums. They strive to provide the resources and tools to dieters in an attempt to help them avoid the mistake inherent in ANY rapid weight loss program. Support is provided in the form of forums where questions and answers can be posted for all members to learn from. Menu planning and exercise regimens can be laid out for individual members to help them in their weight loss program and even with their shopping lists. They will help dieters set realistic weight loss goals that will allow them to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner. A method that is most likely keep the weight off forever.

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