Diet With a Weight Loss Plan - One Change a Week

Do you hate the word "diet"? Then this weight loss plan is for you. You will lose weight permanently, rather than losing and gaining weight over and over again.

1. How This Weight Loss Plan Works: Simple Steps

You can change your life completely, if you take it one small step at a time.

Making wholesale changes, like losing weight, is difficult for most of us. This is because eating is fundamental to life. You couldn't survive for very long if you didn't eat.

However, no matter how much you want to lose weight, there are many powerful emotions which are aroused. Many people eat because they're bored for example. Others eat when they're stressed. So when you're trying to lose weight, you're trying to change your life at a very deep level.

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This simple "one tiny change" weight loss plan works because when you're just making one change at a time, it's less threatening. For this plan to work, all you need to do is to stay focused on the small changes.

2. What Small Healthy Change Can You Make in Your Diet Today?

Since changing our life completely, first by losing weight, and then by maintaining that weight loss, is so difficult, we're going to take the easy way out.

Just make one small change every week.

These tiny changes add up. Over a couple of months, you have made 8 to 10 changes in the way you eat. Therefore without going on a diet at all, you will lose weight. More to the point this weight loss will be permanent.

What small change could you make today? Here are some ideas:

* drink more water

* eat breakfast -- if you've been skipping breakfast, then make today the day that you have breakfast. Choose something healthy. Perhaps an egg, or some oatmeal

* Take your lunch to work with you, instead of buying it from a fast food outlet.

Choose the change you will make, and maintain this change for one week.

3. Weight Loss Starts in Your Mind: Picture Yourself Slim

Can you imagine how you'll look when you've lost all your weight? Close your eyes from moment and imagine.

Imagine yourself in a great outfit. Imagine how your friends will compliment you on the weight you've lost. Just take a few moments and picture how you look -- this is like daydreaming.

When you're overweight, most of your daydreams are concerned with how you're perceived as an overweight person. You may feel shame and guilt. You can't stop feeling like this, but you can start developing some new feelings.

Picture yourself slim several times a day. The more often you can do this the more this new picture of yourself will sink into your mind.

So there you have a weight loss plan which is simple and which works. It takes just one tiny change each week.

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