The Most Important Tips Before Starting a Weight Loss Program - Part 2

Part one of this article covered the benefits of a healthier diet and which foods were beneficial and which should be avoided to improve weight loss. In this the second part of the article we look at further tips that will improve your dieting experience.

Calorie shifting allows you to eat well and lose weight quickly and consistently.

Now, you may think that the fat burning that is achieved using low calorie or fad diets is exactly what you are trying to achieve, and in all fairness, you would be right but they are achieved at a cost! There is a better solution that not only achieves a quick weight loss but also this weight loss is a sustained weight loss unlike the short term benefits offered by the low calorie and fad diets, this method is called calorie shifting and it is a method of juggling the food you eat and therefore your calorific intake in such a way that the body is fooled into not adapting to a lower metabolism (the result of a decrease in calorie intake), there is more information about this method at the end of this article.

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Your weight loss is quicker and easier with regular exercise.

The two types of exercise you should consider are aerobic and anaerobic exercises: Aerobic exercises are designed to improve endurance and fitness levels and are associated with most sports and gym routine programs, such as step. Anaerobics are exercises designed to increase muscle mass, and are basically acknowledged as being power exercises such as weight training. A combination of these two would be ideal as both have benefits but if I was to favor one over the other I would have to opt for anaerobic weight training.

Lean muscle requires calories constantly, both when being worked and when at rest, and the more lean muscle your body has the higher your metabolism will be. Aerobic exercise on the other hand will benefit your fitness generally and has an immediate weight loss effect, but only whilst exercising, once you stop exercising so does the calorie burning.

Try to buddy up, dieting and exercise will be much easier.

Dieting and exercise are extremely difficult adversaries when you are tackling them with little or no support. Drum up a like minded ally and you will be amazed how much easier your battle will become. Some people benefit from supporting others and receiving support in return whilst others compete with their diet buddy, it doesn't really matter as it is the end result that is the most important.

Goal setting and keeping a log will give you the mental stimulus to succeed.

You would be amazed how many people start a diet and either; have no idea what they need to target each week to achieve their desired target weight or; have set themselves an impossible target and destined to dieting failure, often resulting in giving up. We should all have a target weight we want to achieve before commencing our weight loss program, and whatever it is we should look to lose no more than 2 pounds a week, as any more than that may not be achieved, and failure is something we have to avoid each week in order to reach our final destination.

So, make it as achievable as possible and you will be setting yourself up to succeed. Yes, it may take longer to reach your target weight but you will have a greater chance of success, and don't forget to log everything. You will benefit immensely from knowing exactly when and how specific things have or have not made a difference to your weight loss program.

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